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    7 days of skin will be removed 'Stretch Mark

    7 days of skin will be removed 'Stretch Mark

    7 days of skin will be removed 'Stretch Mark

    Stratch marks may be created on the skin for a variety of reasons. For example, after becoming a child, increased weight increased, after an operation, after an operation. Stretch marks are scratches on the skin, which are caused by decreasing skin ulcerity. It is said that this stretch mark is like a wound mark, which is never filled or not removed. So, it is a horrific name to everyone with beauty consciousness.

    But that idea will change from today. Because we have taken a great way for readers today. This is a work everyday

     In just 7 days, you'll see Stretch Mark started to go away. This method will do great work on everybody's skin irrespective of men and women. And yes, there is no side effects!

    Materials that are needed

    Hand-made aloe vera gel

    Pure rose water

    Vitamin E extract

    Castor Oil

    A soft towel

    Do that

    - Aloe Vera will arrange for as clean as possible. Any aloe vera available to buy in the market, no work will be done. If possible, make yourself ready. Otherwise, many online stores are available to buy hand-made gel, choose them. The same applies to rose water. Buy a good overseas company in the company of Castor Oil. The better the product, the better the results will be.

    Clean it with water and remove it. Aloevara will wear this wet wet skin. However, before mixing, add half a teaspoon of rose spoon of water to 3 teaspoons of aloe vera gel with vitamin E extract. Find out the amount of ingredients according to your skin's needs.

    Mix the mixture with wet skin on the mixture. Massage until you mix well. Keep this in such a way that at least 15 minutes

    - After 15 minutes, take the oven and massage the affected area in the same way.

    After that, take a soft towel and heat it well and keep the towel grease and oil massage on the skin, keep it at 20 to 30 minutes. If the towel becomes cold, then heat it again if needed. If you do not want to have a wet towel, you can also use hot water bags. Keep the hot water bag on top of the towel on top of the skin.

    After 30 minutes take away the shower or remove the place. There is no problem even if you do not wipe it. Take a good moisturizer cream.


    -The better the product, the better the results will be.

    It is important to use a warm towel.

    Try using regular 7 days. It will be a surprise to change the skin of my own.

    Help with information-

    Nilfephar Yasmin (Butticians and Aromatherapy Therapist)

    Fairytale's Beauty Secret

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