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    A trilogy of two times every day is a provision for the healing of all diseases

    A trilogy of two times every day is a provision for the healing of all diseases

    'Triphala' is an excellent blend of Ayurvedic medicine used to cure many diseases. Although its use as a cure or laxative, it has a very important role in the healing of numerous diseases. Today, it is not possible to fully explain the healing role of the disease of Trifull on the extreme excitement of science. So Triphala is a wonderful herbal mixture to many scientists, doctors and researchers. Not only as a reminder, it has an important role in controlling stimulants and body activities. Triphala brings out the toxic substances from our body, cleanses blood, rejuvenates various organs of our body, and strengthens our bodies and strengthens them.
    Brief Introduction
    The meaning of 'Triphala' is the combination of three fruit or mixture. And three of these results - Amalki, Hiritaki and Bahira. The result of the product is very high. Not only in Ayurvedic but modern studies, it has also been proved that Haritaki is the best in the field of production, Amlaki is in second place and extended in the third session. Apart from the seeds of the fruit, the rest of the seeds are dried and mixed with equal quantity of triphala.
    'Triphala' in Ayurveda chemistry
    According to the Ayurvedic theology, the human body is composed of three main or equinoxes. These are the three 'Vata', 'Pitta' and 'Kapha'. 'The cloth which means the wind, which is connected to our mind and nervous system. Its nature or nature is dry, cold, light and strong. The second day is 'Bile', which means 'Fire' which means Fire. It is related to our metabolism, which is the result of all the food hygiene in our body and the post-meal diet, "Kafa" which means water or mucus. Sometimes water or mucus is said to be the basis of life. It controls all of our body parts. It creates new cells of our body, muscles formation, bone structure and growth. Its nature or nature is cold, moist and heavy.
    The imbalance or abnormalities of any of these clusters, including the bands, bile and cuffs, form our body, cause various diseases of our body. And in Triphala, there is an effective element of balance between these days. It can be said to protect the balance of three years, it is called trichodanacak. Although Triphala (Amalki, Hariqki and Bahira) have the fruits of each tropicidal properties, each of its fruits is more effective in protecting balance (clog, bile, and cuff). It is discussed below which fruit is more effective in protecting a balance.
    The fruit is bitter taste which protects and balances the functioning of 'Vata' called 'Vata' or the brain and nervous system. Therefore, it is very effective in brain and neurological disease. Cardiac rheumatoid arthritis, laxative, parasitic, muscular inhibitors and neurological weaknesses are
    to quality. Therefore, it is used in the treatment of prolonged constipation, neurological weakness, anxiety and increased heart rate. Among the three fruits of Triphala, Haritki is also the greatest of the best rakas and the best of the products.
    Amalaki-Amalki Amal or Toukadabad which is very effective in protecting the balance of Pitta. It is cool, irritable, gentle, and so is our metabolism-related problems such as ulcers, pancakeitis, bowel inflammation, constipation, diarrhea, liver infection, liver infections and body irritation. Effective. Many modern-day studies have found evidence of the quality of bacterial bacteria and viruses, caffeine and heart problems. Amlaki Vitamin-C and its Vitamin-C heat is not wasted. Vitamin-C is not wasted even in extremely high heat. Therefore, keeping nutrients and medicinal properties of amalike can be preserved for one year after drying. Amloki Vitamin-C is the main cause of long-standing and heat tolerance because it ties to the existing Tannin Vitamin-syir and prevents its continuous reduction or destruction.
    Excessive fruit-rich fruit It is very effective in protecting the balance of 'KAFA' (Kapha). Excessive inhibitors, tonic, digestive stimulants, and muscle contraction (spasm) are resistant. The main vitality of the outgoing body purifies mucus and juice and protects its balance. Therefore, it is very useful in the area of ​​asthma, allergies, bronchitis and cough.
    The reason for the body being diseased
    In ancient times, one thing of medicine was that if good digestion is good then good blood is made. According to Ayurvedic scriptures, digestive weakness and intestinal weakness are the main causes of diseases in the body. Based on this ancient information, many research institutes and universities in the world conduct research work in search of the root cause of the disease. Based on the results of all the research, the researchers concluded that constipation, digestive weakness and bowel defects are the main causes of the disease.
    Our bodies that we drink and drink produce the necessary energy from those foods and drinks. The digestive system makes it possible to produce energy for the production of energy and to make simple material for the use of various body parts.
    The digestive juices, enzymes and acids that help digestion include this. So if the digestive system of our body is weak, then the body does not get enough energy to control the biological functioning, and as a result, naturally lodging in our bodies and causing physical complications.
    Why and how are the diseases
    Ayurveda has said in the scriptures that when the harmful and poisonous boss is produced in our body, then the toxic boss of the toxicity inhibits the normal functioning of all organs in the body. These poisonous bosses are called 'Ama'. 'Ama' is a formidable mucus, which is produced by partial or incomplete digestion of food in our body. This destroys the balance of our body (clogs, bile and cuff) and creates diseases in the body. 'I' only ruins the balance of our body (clogs, bile and capsule) and creates diseases in the body. 'Me' not only creates diseases or complications in our body, but also creates premature labor.
    According to the Ayurvedic theology, partly or incomplete digestion of food or metabolism is the main cause of the formation of malignant mucosa and 'ama'. And in Chinese folk medicine, an 'invisible mucous' is said to be the root cause of the disease. Based on this ancient information, scientists conducted numerous research. Based on those studies, they said today that 'ama' or invisible mishandling may require extra cholesterol and lipid blood.
    Studies show that cholesterol and lipid mucosal and glue. As a result, these disorders in the blood vessel disrupt the normal flow of blood through the vascular thickness. As a result, cancer, heart disease, rheumatic diseases are present in the body, and the body soon gets old.
    Diseases caused by 'me'
    The features of 'Ama' or 'Blond Moss Boss' are not completely transparent to us today. In the study, there is evidence that this' I destroyed the samata between Vata, Pitta and Kafar (Kapha) and caused a disease in the body. Below is a brief list of the diseases or complications that make up the body.
    1. Indigestion 2 Constipation 3 Cancer 4 Diabetes 5. High blood pressure 6. Heart disease 7 Breathing 8 Disease 9. Decrease in energy of pneumonia 10. Premature 11 Problem with liver or liver Continuous Headaches 13 Reduce vision 14 Many more diseases including physical strength.
    The solution to disease free
    Since there are three days of imbalance or tragedy and 'ama', there is a disease in the body, so the tragedy and bacteria can be able to get rid of our disease. And 'Triphala' is an amazing mix or tragedy and ama ... Anthraquinone in Triphala, which removes constipation and increases digestion. So its use as the racquet is the highest. Trifle is very effective as a gesture, not only stimulants, body cleansers, toxic bosses, but also as resistant to excrement, growth and prevention of premature labor. So by trudging and amashing, our contribution to Tripura is unique to keep us happy.
    Some triples of Triphler
    Today, researches are being done on the triplar of research institutes and universities of different countries of the world. Many of the triplars today prove to us today. Below are some of its qualities:
    1. Increases digestion. Acting as anti-oxidant 3 Increases blood flow to the body 4 Reduces blood pressure Reducing Heart Disease 6 Reduces blood cholesterol 7 Liver disease or liver disease 8 Increase liver bile emission 9. Emits cough 10 11 prevention of cancer Weight loss 12 Prevention of bacteria 13. Allergy reduces 14 BIV, CMV, prevents the herpes virus 15. Prevention of AIDS 16 Increases the amount of beneficial fatty acids (HDL) etc.
    How Trifola blames the body?
    To understand the trilogy's trafficking properties, it is necessary to first clarify the following points.
    Saline Cleanser - These are made of salt or saline foods. One unique or special quality of salt is that it can absorb water. When salt or saline food reaches our gut, they then absorb water from surrounding cells and bananas. As a result, the amount of water increased in the digested food and the stool is soft.
    Common cleansing cleansers - These are hydrogen and strong cleanser than carbon and hydrocarbons.
    Common cleansing cleansers - These are hydrogen and strong cleanser than carbon and hydrocarbons.
    Ultrasonic cell cleanser - These are super-powerful blood clots. As a result, all the ligaments in the body and the digestive tract can be expelled from the body and help in intensification of normal intestinal contraction. They make the stool out of the body with excessive slim. But due to excessive dilution of the stool, many times the ion balance in the body is damaged and it can cause huge losses. So it is not appropriate to use them without the advice of an experienced doctor.
    Bile disinfectant - These are a special type of cell cleaner, which cleans the liver as well as increase the bile discharge from the liver and control the normal contraction of the intestinal and nutrient tract. Pile helps to make the mall soft.
    Through the above discussion, we got ideas about different types of cleansing. Now let's talk about the effectiveness of the Triplell. Triphala is a special type of mild biocarcinoma, which enhances intestinal contraction in addition to softening the stool, ie every activity of the Trifle is beneficial for our body and very balanced.
    Not only as a racquet or cleanser, but also in the intestines, harmful bacteria and their ability to cause diseases also destroy the Trifolas. And because of the weakness of digestive system, the root cause of 'ama' or disease creation, so trifolia increases the digestion and provides the necessary energy to the body and keep the disease free.
    How Trifola Works
    Triphala is a very good herbal mix, which plays a beneficial and effective role in all body parts. Its functionality on lower different systems is explained.
    External use - Trifla is very beneficial for crooked eyes. Triphala increases eyesight and removes many diseases of the eyes. Triphala, one of the oldest medicines that strengthens eye tissues. Triphala katha is very effective in treating eye diseases. In addition, trillular paste wax is very effective to reduce healing and reduce wounds.
    Equilibrium of the nervous system - The great beneficial role of Triphala is on our nervous system. Triphala stimulates our nervous system and improves performance. As a result, the brain can quickly decide on any work. According to Ayurvedic scriptures, any neurological disease is caused by the imbalance of the Vata called equilibrium. Triphala is not only the Vata, but the balance of Pitta and Kapha (Kapha), that is, three. Therefore, Triphala can play a very beneficial role in the healing of brain and neurological disorders.
    Triphala is very effective for digestion in digestive system. It does not only increase digestion, but also helps in the absorption of food components. It also keeps the nostril contraction propagation normal. It stimulates the digestive tract in the liver and digesting other organs. It increases digestion and regulates proper digestion by controlling the Pakulsi's acidic and alkaline conditions. It eliminates hunger and creates a tendency to eat among us. This increases our intestinal contraction and eliminates constipation. Above all, it helps to prevent the tension or contraction of smooth muscles of our Pakasila and help in its normal functioning.
    Blood Transfusion Tantra - It plays a very beneficial role in the normal functioning of our blood circulation system. It also increases the performance of the heart as well as the heart cleansing. It reduces blood bacteria and parasites and prevent potential diseases caused by them. It reduces the cholesterol, LDL and the harmful lipids in our body and keeps our heart disease at risk. It increases the blood supply to all our bodies, providing all the energy needed in all cells and colonies of the body.
    In respiratory - it emits mucus from our airway and keeps the normal functioning of our airways. This reduces the incidence of allergic reactions in the body and airways, which can play a very beneficial role in asthma. It removes mucous membranes from our sinus, which in turn prevents cyanocytic headaches.
    In reproduction - Triphala is very beneficial to increase the performance of reproductive system. It controls the pH level of reproductive organs, which are very important. This strengthens our reproductive organs. The most important thing is that Triphala increases the sperm of men and makes regular menstrual cycles. So the use of the Triphala in reproductive problems is very fruitful.
    In dehydrator- it helps in the functioning of kidneys (kidney). As a result the intestine receives water supply and cure constipation is cured. On the other hand, it increases the performance of urine circulatory system. The body remains cool for the intestines, urine circulatory system and the normal normal functioning of the gastric system and the risk of high heat stroke reduces.
    To keep skin clean - it can control and protect the skin's normal structure. Triphala increases blood flow in the body as the skin gets full nutrition. On the other hand, the skin of the skin is removed due to excess bleeding. Triphala prevented skin folding and hair becoming white due to age. Triphala protects blood and water in the body, so the skin remains bright and humid and does not fall in age.
    General preparation of Triphala
    Triphala is a mixture of Hiritaki, Bahra and Amalakki. To make this mixture, first fruits must be collected and dried. After that, the rest of the fruit except the seed will be collected. Then the powder, powder and powder must be mixed in the ratio of 1: 2: 3 or 1: 2: 3 1: 2: 4. Then this powder can be used as cotton tray, with a fine trough of fine powder.
    General and daily use
    This truffle powder can be consumed two or three grams per day. However, it is better to drink two grams of milk, two grams of honey in the morning, two villages in summer or afternoon and two gm with milk before sleeping at night.
    The effectiveness of triphala powder started to decline after two months. Therefore, it is better not to use tripler powder for more than two months.
    Tripura Ayurvedic Preparation and Treatment
    In Ayurvedic theology, it is known about the preparation and use of four types of Triphala mixture. It is said that each of these mixtures is effective in preventing disease and increasing lifespan. The following is the procedure and use of the mixture:
    'Triphala' chemistry number 1 - It is very useful for those who want to stay and live longevity. At the beginning of this procedure, an athlete should eat refined or powdered red fruit in an empty stomach. Then before dinner, you will have to eat a Amalki and a Bahadar powder and after eating it you will have to mix with four Amalkiri powder ghee. It will continue for one year. It is said in Charak Sahinga that the person who adheres to this practice regularly must live 100 years of sickness and healthy body.

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    Triphala chemistry number 2- In this method, first try to paste Triphala powder with water. Then this paste should be kept in a large container made of iron and this should be kept for 24 hours. After that, take this paste from the pot and drink it with honey and water. The one who performs these rules and regulations for one year will be able to live long and be able to keep youth.

    Triphala chemistry no. 3 - In this method, you will eat Triphala sixthamadhdhu, peppercorn, marii, honey ghee and balslok. Mix these ingredients to mix a mixture of 10 grams, which will be eaten at two times. It is very useful to keep youth and gain long life.

    Triphala chemistry number 4- In this process, mixing of various metals (gold, silver, copper, zinc, iron and lead) with frost, honey, ghee, peepul, mineral salts will be mixed with Triphala. It enhances the efficiency and memory of the brain, helps in getting a disease-free body and long life.
    About Us
    The more the science goes towards the people, the more people are getting sick. But do we ever think, why is this happening? With the advancement of science, human life is becoming mechanical. Cholesterol is increasing in the body as a result of mechanical living. There are also numerous mental stresses. And due to this stress, the body is producing cortisol or corticosteroid, which destroys our immune system, reduces the sexual capacity and body aging. The new diseases and complexity created in the body. However, Triphala, which is very easy and affordable, has control of cholesterol and cortisol. Essentially the 'Sussex' and 'Nirog' body are the main conditions for longevity. And in the use of Triphala people are long life and youth are long-term. So, practice eating at least two triflas every day and stay relaxed and niggardly. The Hadith mentions, "Allah gave us the healing properties in the crops and trees in the place where it struck the disease." So we need to know the nature, to bring forth the tree of nature. Not so in the tree, let us all know the quality of the tree and the fluid of nature, and by using them, we get a long life in the body of suction and nirgir.

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