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    Appendicitis, Appendicitis
    Many people think abnormalities of appendicitis after the sudden abdominal pain. Emergency operation requires emergency. In fact the word is not correct. Pain in the stomach can be due to multiple reasons besides appendicitis. Medication can also be cured by stomach pain in many cases.

    Appendix is ​​a small cylindrical organ that is connected to the brain. 2 to 20 cm long. For any reason, infection occurs in the appendixes, it swells, inflammation occurs, it is called appendicitis.

    Usually the first pain feels around the navel and after a few hours the pain comes to the right side of the abdomen. However, there may be pain in other parts of the stomach in special cases.

    1. May cause nausea;
    2. May be vomit;
    3. May be dehydrated;
    4. Thin can be a closet and
    5. May be fever.

    To be sure about this disease, experts are more important in examining patients on specialist doctors. Ultrasonogram or blood test can be helpful in diagnosing appendicitis. However, the doctor's experience in diagnosing this disease is important. On the right side of the abdomen, there may be pain due to many reasons, especially in women's case. So before the operation of this disease, the doctor must look at other reasons. However, if there is specific treatment in appendicitis, the operation. If someone does not have surgery if appendicitis is done then appendix can be punching, infection can spread throughout the stomach and life may endanger.

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