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    Cervical tumor cutting and bleeding treatment

    Cervical tumor cutting and bleeding treatment

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    The uterus is the essential part of maternal and femininity. At the same time it is a very sensitive part of the woman. This important part of many women is seen to be affected by tumor.
    The other name of the tumor in the uterus is Uterine Fibroids, in short, fibroid. Phaibrayed is a known health problem, which usually does not reveal any symptoms. The uterus tumor occasionally causes an extra period, swelling of the abdomen, abdominal pain and urinary problems. If signs are available, then it should be treated quickly.

    What is fuhrroid
    The most common tumor in the uterus in the reproductive age of women is fibroid or myoma. This tumor is caused due to excessive and abnormal growth of the cervical muscles. Twenty percent of the women in the 30 years of age are suffering from this problem. Irritable growth in the uterus is the irregular growth of uterine tumor or fibroid. It is also known as Uterine Myoma fibromyoma, leoemyoma. The uterus is in different forms of tumor. To see a small tumor, the beans are equal to the grain of the grain and the larger the tumor is sometimes seen to be similar to large watermelons. The size of the tumor is seen to be bigger or smaller than ever.

    Where is the fibroid
    Familiar health problem in women's life is fibroid. 1 in 4 women have one or more FIBERREADS in their lives. Generally 30-50 year old women are infected with phyphria and they are seen to be infected. Usually a woman is infected with a tumor, but sometimes someone is seen to be infected with multiple tumors of different sizes. Generally, women having more weight than 70 kilograms are more likely to be infected with phaibrayeda. It is believed that due to the increase of estrogen hormone, severe women are infected with uterus tumor. The cause of the fibrobide
    The uterus is made of smooth muscle cells and due to the increased growth of this smooth cell, tumor or fibroid is made in the uterus. Fibreyed for ovarian-sensitive hormone estrogen. If the level of estrogen increases in the body, the size of the tumor increases (eg, increase in estrogen during pregnancy). If the level of estrogen in the body decreases, the size of the tumor is narrowed or decreased (eg, decreasing estrogen after monopoles). Hormone Replacement Therapy HRT-Hormone Replacement Therapy can be delayed due to shrinking the size of the fibroma after monopoles.

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    There are many women who do not know that they have tumors in their uterus. In most cases, cervical tumor is detected after being diagnosed with a routine checkup or other reason. Moreover, the ureter tumor can be confirmed through ultra sound.

    Symptoms of uterus tumor
    Generally, there is no significant damage to fibroid. So the patient himself does not realize that he suffers from phaibrayed problems. In the study, one person was diagnosed with symptoms of one in three people. If one or more of the following signs is present, then you should be able to seek a doctor quickly.

    1. Painful and excessive bleeding: There is no change in menstrual cycle due to the tumor. But there is more blood circulation than usual. Sometimes a lot of pain is felt. This reduces the amount of blood loss of blood and reduces blood pressure.

    2. Periodic chronic: It is seen that long periods of time for tumor or fibroid

    3. Swelling of the abdomen: Tulip can be swollen with discomfort in the abdomen for large tumor. Sometimes there may be waist pain for the phaibrayeda.

    4. Chorus and intestinal pressure: Sometimes the phaibrayed pressure in the microthulaya in front of the uterus. As a result, the patient needs to urinate for frequent urination. Again, the fibrillas cause intestinal pressure in the back of the uterus. As a result, the leprosy of the patient arises.

    5. Intercourse pain: There may be discomfort or pain during sexual intercourse with tummy on the face of vagina or uterus. This problem is called Dyspareunia.

    6. Abortion or infertility: When fibroid is formed in the internal part of the uterus, it closes the pulp tube, which makes pregnancy impossible, causes infertility. Sometimes, due to fibroid, abortion can be seen.
    7. Complications of pregnancy: Although there is no problem with pregnant women for small size 2-1 tumors. However, for large tumors, blood supply and mobility can be very painful.
    Therapeutic surgery is the main treatment of pharmacological tumor. There is no permanent treatment through medicines. Conventional surgery mainly consists of two types-1) cut off of the uterus (Hysterectomy) and 2. Fibrillation from the uterine wall (Myomactomy). In today's two procedures, cervical tumors are performed - cut and cut abdomen. In most cases, the uterus is cut during the conventional operation, and unlike the possibility of pregnancy after such an operation. Negro is reduced, but hope is that Laser Surgery comes with a breakthrough change in treatment of uterus tumors, and it is possible to treat uterine tumors in Laproscope and Gazo Guidance through lasers, and this modern medical treatment can be used for magnetic resonance image- MRI), known as percutaneous laser ablation or laser ablation. This treatment is now being done in Bangladesh, where it is completely healthy, bloodless and risk-free. In this process, it is possible to completely cure the tumor in a short time, without abstinence and elimination of the uterus, protecting femininity and maternal behavior.

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