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    How can reduce the amount of fat in the blood?

    How can reduce the amount of fat in the blood?

    Blood fat amount
    Every person has a certain level of fat in the blood. But when this amount of fat increases, then there is a risk of many serious diseases. The excessive fat in the blood increases the risk of coronary artery disease or heart disease. Let's first know how much of the blood fat is normal We know this through lipid profile. The normal level of total cholesterol is calculated to be 220 mg / dL or 5.2 mmol / L Triglyceride 50-150 mg / dl. Normal or 2.3 mmol / HDL or high density lipoprotein is called good cholesterol, it is desirable to have more. It is not good if the HDL is less than 35mg / dl or 0.9 mmol / L. This time we will know how we can reduce or decrease the amount of fat in the blood. First of all, what additions to the diet or to avoid.

    - Reduce the consumption of cattle and khasir meat. And yes, you must also eat less food or eat less lazy foods. Eat lots of fish. Eat vegetables and fruits. Do not eat milk or milk, such as ghee, cheese, butter, ice cream. Eat with egg yolk instead of eating it, that means just eat white part of egg. Leave coconut or coconut foods.

    Along with dietary modification, a habit that increases the risk of heart disease such as smoking should be avoided. Moreover, it is important to take proper treatment for him if he has high blood pressure.

    Then let's talk about aerobic exercise. Prior to exercise, it is necessary to consult a physician. Exercise at least three days a week is naturally needed.

    Now let's talk about anti-oxidant vitamins. Vitamin A, E and C are antioxidant vitamins. In many ways, they reduce the cholesterol in the blood and reduce the risk of heart disease. Vitamin A contains colorful vegetables. And at least 15 grams of Vitamin A is needed for us every day. Therefore, there is a need for the abundant raw and cooked vegetables rich in vitamins, and the results have to be taken. Sadly, even though blood cholesterol or fat is high, many of us are in somebody's or somebody's family. And they have to control blood cholesterol through various medicines.

    Many women over 50 years of age have been given surgery to remove the uterus. At the same time, they went to menopause or post-menstrual period. If they take estrogen at this time, they can reduce the risk of heart disease. Because of the help of estrogen or hormone replacement therapy, it helps reduce cholesterol levels. The drugs that reduce cholesterol in the blood can be divided into four parts. Medicines obtained from bil Acid Rezin, Niacin, Statin and Fibric Acid.

    1. Bile acids are called phytogenic drugs. These medicines are associated with cholesterol and bile acids, reducing intestinal and cholesterol absorption. In this, the liver absorbs more LDL or low density lipoprotein from the blood. This can reduce 25-30% LDL. The advantage of bilacic acid regin is that it can be used for a long time and side effects are less. However, it is good to drink plenty of water and eat well and it is possible to get rid of constipation.

    2. Niacin or Nicotine Acid B Vitamin It is not quite possible to know exactly how to reduce the amount of blood fat. It is known that it prevents liver LDL cholesterol formation. It can reduce 15-20% LDL. And 20-35 percent increase the amount of HDL. Niacin's performance is good but there are some side effects. For example, headache, itching, eye-catching eyes etc. However, they will be reduced to 325 mg aspirin before niacin meal. Before taking niacin, it should also be tested to see if the liver is functioning properly.

    3. The statins or reductase inhibitors in the HMG co-lobastin, Simvastantin, Privastatin, Fluvastatin The newly discovered Atarvastín and

    Survivestin. They work on the liver, they prevent the formation of cholesterol. This reduces cholesterol levels. Before taking statin, the liver's performance must be seen.

    Some side effects such as headache, stomach ache, diarrhea or constipation may occur. But the biggest side effect is muscle pain. This medication is done only once a day in the evening.

    4. Generally, jemofibrobilis derived from phiciric acid is used to increase the amount of triglyceride. It reduces 30-60 percent triglyceride. Increases HDL up to 10-30 percent. Zemofibrobilils are tolerated by almost all patients, but some people may have diarrhea, rashes and rashes in the body. Without it diabetes can increase. It is not for a patient who has had piles of pneumonia before.

    To escape from the risk of heart disease, the level of cholesterol or fat in the blood must be strictly controlled. And remember that to do that, you have to first look at your daily dietary diet. There will be many things to be taken out of the rewards. And lipid profile should be known to all the levels of cholesterol.

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