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    Natural medicine papaya

    Natural medicine papaya

    Natural medicine, papaya
    Ripe papaya is a fruit rich in vitamin A. Raw papaya contains plenty of ingredients called papain. Untreated, worm infections, ulcers, skin lesions, eczema, kidney and stomach cancer works. Powdered papaya fruits and raw papaya can be eaten as vegetables.
    1. Blood Due: Every morning morning, raw papaya glue mixed with 5/7 drops of 5/6 lathas. After eating 2/3 days blood pressure will decrease.

    2. Vermicelli: If any type of worm, papaya gum can be mixed with 15 drops and honey 1 teaspoon together. Then after half an hour, after drinking half a cup of water, then one teaspoon of kalchuna water to eat. Thus, the abuse of cream will reduce the two days of play.

    3. Disease: If there is pain in the stomach and stomach, raw papaya gum can be mixed with 30 drops and 1 spoon of lime and it will be consumed with a little milk. Once playing, the stomach pains will be reduced and the dizziness will decrease.

    4. Increase the liver: In this condition, after mixing one spoon of sugar with 30 drops of papaya, take a cup of water well and drink the mixture three times a day. After 4/5 days the liver will continue to decrease, but after eating 5/6 days it is better to eat 2 days a week. Thus, playing 1 month will yield good results.

    5. Hunger and digestion: Every morning morning 2/3 drops of papaya gum mixed with water will be eaten. By this, hunger will also increase and digestion will be well.

    6. Stomach Flap: A few pieces of ripe papaya bowl, and a little salt and a little turmeric powder will be mixed together. By this, the stomach is relieved.

    7. Strong fever: One cup of papaya leaves and one cup of water mixed with one cup of water. By this the velocity of the fever, vomiting, the pain of the head, the burns in the body will decrease. There is no need to eat if the fever decreases.

    8. Monthly Seasonal Closure: For those who have not had time to stop the menstrual season, or have stopped, or if it is not like that, then after eating 5/6 ripe papaya, it will be eaten twice a day and drink twice a day. As a result, the menstrual discharge will be corrected within a few days, but for some reason, it is necessary to consult a doctor if it is stopped.

    9. Grandfather: No matter what type of papaya / tree gum, it should be applied to the grandmother, one day should not be put on the next day, the next day will be added again, thus it will be mixed in 3/4 days.

    10. In eczema: When the pimples of the papaya are taken in 1 day or 2 days, if the agamima does not drip or juice, then its skin becomes thin to get up.

    11. When the lice: 1 teaspoon of papaya gum, mix it with 7/8 teaspoon water. Then after washing the water on the hair, after washing it, wash the head. Likewise, one day or two days licks will die.

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