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    Signs of complex diseases of men

    Signs of complex diseases of men

    The man's practice of going to the doctor at the last moment at any one of the physical problems. Men are less likely to go to a doctor than women. The reason behind this may be that, the boys will have their symptoms removed. They do not want to give importance to anything. However, in most cases men are healthy. But there are some symptoms that should not be neglected. So if one of the following signs appears, go to the doctor without delay. Take a look at the symptoms of complex diseases.


     Boubs: Three things like breasts like women on men's chest indicate. Firstly- weight is high, solution weight reduction. Secondly, 'gynecomastia', which is basically a 'testosterone' and 'estrogen' hormone balance. That's why the doctor's advice. Thirdly- The problem of liver. If there is a liver problem, then the balance of the hormone is damaged in the body, resulting in 'gynecomastia'. Being an adult 'man bubbs' can also be a sign of testicular problems.

    The urine is more frequent: frequent urine, excessive urination velocity, and even garbage loss before going to the toilet, etc. Prostate's symptoms, such as prostate cancer, prostate swelling etc. If such symptoms occur, then the doctor will have to be displaced.

    Testing of pandemic is one of the most known problems in men's stools or swelling of the testicles. In most cases the pimta itself is saved. However, it can be a sign of testicular cancer. If the lump is lasting, pain or feels different from the previous lumps, but do not neglect the doctor's advice.

    Decrease of smell: Men's reproductive fertility problems may indicate it. To reduce the smell of energy means that the testicles of the male are not working properly and the hormones are less likely to produce. This problem in medicine is called 'Anosmia'. It may be a symptom of 'colman's' disease, which is the endocrine disease of the hormone in the body of a man.

    Decrease in sexuality: With age, men's sex ratio decreases. However, a study of the Journal of Sexual Medicine says that there is a firm determination of one pair of four toxicity before it can reach forty feet. I mean, not just the age, emotional anxiety, unrest, diabetes, heart disease, etc. are also responsible for decreasing sexual performance.

    Changes in the shape of the penis: The tightness of the penis in a firm condition is normal and it is normal. However, if there is any new rectification in the shape of the penis in firmness, it can not be neglected when pain or any discomfort arises. Because it may be the 'Perneys' symptom. In this case, collagen collapses in the penis, so that the pecker becomes bent, it can cause pain during sexual intercourse.

    Signs of complex diseases of men

    Usually it clears itself within a few months. However, if the complexity becomes acute, then the doctor should be displaced.

    Pain on the thighs of the feet: it is a sign of gout The disease can be both male and female. But men are more than three times more likely to develop this disease. Especially, one in seven people with an elderly males has this problem. Where there is one in every 16 people for women.

    Arthritis is called gout, which is more in the thighs of the feet. Due to the formation of uric acid in the body, sodium sulfate crystals are deposited around blood and bone joint, resulting in gout. If the problem is critical, then the bone pairs of infected bones can be permanently damaged.

    Blank at specific places: With increasing age, all men are affected by hair loss. However, it may also be a symptom of a serious illness.

    According to a study by the Journal of Clinical Oncology, there are significant possibilities of tumor in the prosthesis in front of the head and the hair falling in the palate. Excessive sex hormones due to baldness and prostate cancer. So if the hair falls, then the body will have to check whether there is any tumor.

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