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    The 5 foods that will keep the kidneys healthy

    The 5 foods that will keep the kidneys healthy

    The 5 foods that will keep the kidneys healthy
    Worldwide, 195 million men and women suffer from kidney problems. This kidney problem is a major problem in death due to physical illness, especially for women. There are a lot of foods that your kidneys will be playing. In our report today, a very broad discussion -

    1. Apple - Apple is good just because your kidneys are good. Cholesterol levels are also under control. Vitamin C, fiber, antioxidant in apples. So kidneys

    Rose apple apple to keep the other parts good.

    2. Garlic - Not only raising the taste, there is also a lot of different properties of garlic. Garlic plays an important role in keeping your kidneys good. Garlic fight with kidney failure, such as train reptile injuries.

    3. Yellow-protecting skin from allergy, keeping the skin clean, as well as protecting the kidneys yellow. So eat daily with raw food or raw yellow.

    4. Carrot-carrot is an essential and versatile drug for kidneys. By removing the anemia in the body, the carrot returns to the eyes, the carrot returns, the vitamin C extracters carry out the toxins from the kidneys. The carrots contain pectin which helps to survive from kidney failure.

    5. Ginger-intake of ginger to make kidney more effective. Because ginger plays an important role in keeping kidney good. Ginger helps to keep kidneys active and healthy by increasing blood circulation in kidneys. This results in increased kidney performance.

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