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    Tissue oil can be released from cancer

    Tissue oil can be released from cancer

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    Tissue oil
    Now scientists have created a Dr. John Budwig protocol for cancer removal, following which millions of people are free from cancer. You can collect them by surfing the internet. After the discovery of homeopathy, Mahatma Samuel Haniman, another great medical scientist in Germany is Dr. Johanna Budwig, Ph.D. This lady has been working inhumanly for a long time and has discovered a simple method of freeing cancer free without radiation. Because of his invaluable invention, the rich and the beggar can easily get rid of cancer at a very low cost. Haniman has discovered the homeopathy of humanity as an alternative treatment of barbarity in the name of anthrophytic treatment, and for this reason, after being forced to torture the atopic doctors, they were finally forced to leave the country and take shelter in another country (France). In the same way, Johanna Badaowig had to stand in court for many times due to the harassment of the allopathic doctors and venereal abusive drug companies, and every time she was released from false accusations, satisfying the court with the information obtained from scientific research on her claim. He has been nominated for seven Nobel Prizes for his plot, but has been denied the Nobel Prize. This great scientist, genuinely devoted to endangered humanity, was a senior scientist from the Health Department of Germany and a biocompany with PhD degree. He was the head of the government expert committee that approved the marketing of allopathic medicine. Once a pharmaceutical company applied for the approval of a new drug for cancer, which was made of fatty acids. He asked the pharmaceutical company to know if there is any proven information that fatty acids help to cure cancer. Then he went on to study fatty acids. Although scientists found evidence that fatty acids effectively help cure cancer, they did not know exactly what fatty acids work in uncountable fatty acids and how it eliminates cancer. He has done this impossible through almost two decades of prolific research. Otto Wabber received the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1931. He received the Nobel Prize for the operation of the cancer cell, ie metabolism. He describes that a common cell becomes suddenly anaerobic before it becomes converted into cancer cells and it requires a lot of glucose, which can be compared to a lot of fermentation. According to him, one of the main causes of cancer is the introduction of oxygen-induced breathing instead of oxygenated respiration of our body cell.

    At one point in this study of the study of cancer, he learned that cancer cells attack the deficiency of oxygen, which means that all the cells that do not reach oxygen are infected with cancer. Therefore, if any oxygen reaches the cells in the cancer cells, it will be released from cancer and it will turn into normal cells again. After spending more than twenty years researching one year with fatty acids, he finally discovered that omega-3 fatty acids in the Omega-3 group helped to reach the oxygen in cells. Among them, the most effective of fatty acids, called Linhayl Acid, is the most available flaxseed oil. Also available in fish oil, olive oil and other oils. Fatty acid is less in our daily diet. In addition, the fatty acids that we eat are either made with high heat, or they are mixed with chemicals or otherwise they are left in the warehouse for a long time. As a result, these fatty acids are actually dead; They can not help us with the prevention and cure of diseases

    Dr. Johanna Badaowig found in his research that the progress of cancer treatment in his food menu started only within three months. The tumor gradually became smaller. Patients who followed their diet were good for a long time, whom doctors called "go home and eat poorly and worse" and left the hospital. Dr. Johanna Bedowig occasionally used to bring deadly cancer patients out of the hospital, whom doctors called "can survive for only a few days", he can not urinate, he will not be able to bow down. Many people used to dry cough but they did not even have the strength to take out the cough. Everything was stuck, it became blocked. The relatives of the patient did not have the limits of happiness when the physical condition of patients who were seen also started to progress suddenly. Bauge Diet can eliminate all types of cancer, not just specific cancer. These include breast cancer, lung cancer, brain cancer, prostate cancer, carbohydrates, carcinoma, bladder cancer, Uterine cancer, esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, blood sugar (Leukemia), Hodgkin's disease, skin cancer and so on.

    BADOEG Diet is not only cancer; Rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, fibromyalgia, diabetes, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, psoriasis, eczema (Eczema), Acne, etc. have proven to be effective. Dr. Badowig has written a few books based on his lifetime research and medical experience (Flax Oil as a True Aid Against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer, and Other Diseases).

    Badwig Diet Flaxseed Oil and Cottage Cheese (FOCC) or quark recipe

    Method of preparation - Mix 3 tablespoons of Tea oil with 6 teaspoons of cinnamon / cheese and add one minute to blender. If the mixture is very adhesive, then mix it with two / three tablespoons milk (better than goat milk). Still, if you do not want to eat, you can eat any one or more fruit-vegetables-vegetables etc. with mango-kalala-pineapple-apple-grape-orange-banana-radish-carrot etc. . Thus, it will be eaten three to four times daily.

    The main slogan of Badowig Diet for food is that if the food is made of God then it is very extraordinary and without distorting it, God created the same way as God created it (if God made it then its fine and it is God's form it). For this reason, cooked foods should be omitted as much as possible. Due to the use of various types of sparks and the use of flaming spices in the heat of fire, 99% of all food / vitamins are spoiled. Foods made in shops and mill-factories must be omitted completely. Because they are mixed with many types of chemicals such as color-smell-preservative, which cause cancer. Even prohibited to eat mineral water produced in the factory. Because of this, many other types of chemicals are mixed with chlorine and radiation is used. According to scientists, chlorine and radiation causes cancer. Suppose you eat spinach or sprouts. If you do not cook it then eat instead of making chocolate milk powder. If you do not taste it, you can mix one fruit with apples-orange-grapes-watermelon-broth-mango-kathal-grapefruit etc. Direct sugar or molasses can not be eaten, absolutely forbidden. Because sugar / molasses make the body biochemical environment acidic and the acidic condition of the body helps in the formation of cancer and spreading cancer. Therefore, if needing sweet food, he will need to satisfy his needs with sweet fruits such as mango, kathal, apple, grapes etc. (and as much as the amount of it is good, the mangal). To avoid animal food, meat and goat etc. Because they are many times more harm than good. To quit eating coffee; Because coffee is a toxic harmful drink. It is forbidden to eat marine food. Eating all fishes / animals, including shrimp fish and shrimp fish, are prohibited. All chemical products, such as mosquito medicines, glycemic medicines, cheap soap, detergent, and even cosmetics, have to stay away from their touch for life. Because all this creates cancer.

    Microwave oven is banned. Aluminum hare-plate is prohibited. Instead, use as much steel, ceramic, glass, clay or iron mustard-plate-dish-cup-cup-peer. Tissi oil must be stored in the refrigerator or at cold temperature. Instead of buying oil, you can buy linseed oil instead of adulteration. Ice-cream and dairy products should be excluded. Dr. Badowig has prohibited the treatment of any type of treatment with this formula. Regularly every 5 minutes or 10 minutes to take sunlight / sunburn body. Because humans and plants with the sun have a necessary relationship to grow and stay healthy. According to medical scientists, vitamin D is produced in the body by taking oil in the skin with sunlight, which is very important in preventing cancer.

    Human life is actually a lightning game And our heart is the main power station. Now, however, the people of Allopathy have accepted the matter. When loadshedding in the heart, they put electric batteries (pacemaker). China doctors have pointed out this about four thousand years ago. And Haniman, two hundred years ago, proved that the main cause of human disease is its electrical label or energy label noise. According to Dr. Badowig, when our cell loses its electrical charge, it becomes unable to accept oxygen and is infected with cancer. According to Dr Badowig, chemotherapy and radiation make ripe for cancer by destroying the healthy flow of energy. He accused the cancer industry of cancer healing without killing him. According to him, we need to take the gene for healthy cells so that they can not get infected with cancer. These healthy cells will gradually be able to eradicate cancerous cells. In fact, the most recent allopathic treatment of cancer is the huge profitable business of billions of dollars; So if there is anything against the evidence against it, or there is a risk of litigation and jail-fines. The incident happened in the life of Dr. Badowig. He attacked them once in such a way that "the problem of tumor / tumor problems is not to think of the problem of excessive meat growing, and consequently, all the ways and materials against meat growth ... ...", as the people of Germany's chemotherapy medicine companies thought that the woman If you run the campaign, there is a possibility of their existence being abolished. As a result, they filed a lawsuit against Dr. Badowig in court. The court decided on the basis of the information-data of the two parties, in favor of Dr. Badowig, "Do not disturb this lady. Dr. Badow's information-data is the ultimate truth.

    A tragic event in the world of science is imminent; People will definitely support Dr. Baadouig ". Prior to the study of Badov, scientists knew that there is a connection of fat with cancer. Again, the countries of the Mediterranean region have 60% of the food fat, but the rate of cancer attacks in this region is very low. The consumption of olive oil in the region is highest. That does not mean that all types of fat are not cancerous.

    Many people ate a flaxseed oil capsule, but it is not an ideal method to eat tissue oil. Because tissue oil is not water-soluble. And if it does not dissolve in water it will not be absorbed properly and will not work. Magnesium, zinc, B vitamins etc., which are needed for co-factors to dissolve it in water. Finally Dr. Badowig resolved this problem. He has mixed a house with cottage cheese and has prepared one thousand recipes of Tisi oil, which is delicious to eat. If you like, you can bring a variety of interesting things by adding more fun to it. Fatty acids mixed with sulfured proteins in the kidneys will be absorbed into the water and will therefore absorb your body and then each cell of your body will get its electrical charge back. As a result, the number of healthy cells will increase and the cancerous cells will die due to starvation. Dr. Badowig has succeeded in researching three types of diseases, including cancer, arthritis and cardiovascular disease, to treat the fatty acids of omega-3 groups, ie omega-3. We will again have to return to the original slogan and that - our food should be our medicine (Let your food be your medicine).

    In fact, using the term medical science, many people will not understand and many will be disturbed when writing about Dr. Baadouig's research. So, in simple words and in a few words, the work has been cleared. Those who are interested in learning about Dr. Badov's laboratory and clinical research, they can take help from millions of websites, including http://www.budwigcenter.com and http://www.healingcancernaturally.com. Apart from Amazon, he can buy English translations of his written books. Suddenly changing diet and eating habits will be difficult for many. Therefore, in order to be free from cancer in double-speed, you can take homeopathic medicines as well as a Homeopathic consultation with Badoog Diet. Although the most effective, affordable, affordable and comfortable homeopathic release from cancer, but there are very few homeopathic experts in all countries of the world including our country. Therefore, those who do not believe in homeopathy or are unable to consult any homeopathy, have been breast-fed for the last rites. Multinational companies producing atopoectic cancer medicines offered to Dr. Baadouig, and he advised cancer patients to follow his protocol with chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. But he did not agree with their proposal. He has announced that anyone who follows his food formula will get rid of any kind of cancer, tumors. No chemotherapy, surgery, radiation etc. will be needed. For this reason, multinational companies, Due to deprivation and harassment cases, many times the court framed. However, he did not prohibit the patients to take homeopathic medicine with this discovery of his discovered dietary. Because he knew that there is no harm in the immunity of homeopathic patients; Rather, it also increases the speed of cancer treatment by strengthening human immunity. For this reason, all those members of Dr. Baadouig practice his diet protocol, along with the diet protocol, allow patients to drink homoeopathic drugs according to symptoms.

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