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    Dry whitewash with 3 food!

    Dry whitewash with 3 food!

    If you have a glance on your teeth, you do not like to see it at all. But many times the teeth are cleaned well every day, but the teeth do not want to get rid of diarrhea. The main reason for this is that some foods cause stains to stomach and the diarrhea becomes permanent for a little negativity every day. The solution to this problem is 3 foods. Surprised? It is astonishing, however, that with some food in the house, it is very easy to overcome the pain in the diarrhea easily.

    1) Use of bay leaf
    Pour the bay leaf powder. Combine this bay leaf with lime or orange lemon juice. Mix well and make powder like powder. Brush the tooth with a common toothpaste brush with this powder. In a few minutes you will get white teeth whitening.

    2) Strawberry
    It is very delicious to whiten the fruit with its teeth. Pour 2/3 strawberries well. Blanch the strawberry grind with this grinded well. Thus, use twice a day for two weeks. You will see a lot of white teeth.

    3) Hull powders
    Many people are responsible for the yellow color of yellow or yellow teeth. Actually, it is not only, but it is very effective to whiten yellow tooth. The origin of the haluds Take a yellow beet or turmeric powder mixed with a little water and paste it with paste and brush your teeth with this paste. You will get very quick white rhythm.

    - The methods of whitening these types of teeth are very effective immediately. But do not use these methods too often and often. This may cause damage to the dental enamel.
    - It is better not to use these methods if face and mouth are infections.
    - Dentist can be displaced without neglecting the dentist.

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