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    Grief pain due to sexual relation: Know the cause and remedy

    Grief pain due to sexual relation: Know the cause and remedy

    Grief pain due to sexual relation: Know the cause and remedy
    This is a very common problem for women. Many women may not tell anyone in shame or go to the doctor. Many people do not realize that it is not normal for a person to have sexual dysfunction during or after sexual intercourse, and it is important to get rid of it. Female genitalia is the most sensitive organ of the body, it must be resolved when pain or pain is found in the organs during sexual intercourse. Otherwise, permanent damage is not a diversified one.

    Today's feature of some causes and easy remedies for sexual intercourse during sexual intercourse.

    1. Sex before being excited

    If the genitals are not slippery enough during sex, it is very normal to get hurt inside. In this case there is problem of livering, burning, etc. Firstly, women need more time than men to get excited physically. As a result, if four plays are not prolonged, many women do not feel very excited. On the other hand, genitalia can not be slippery enough due to physical problems.

    Remedy: Use enough lubricants during sex. Water-based lubricants are better. Only after having sex, clean yourself after lubricant or good moisturizer. Refrain from having sex again on the same day.

    2. The size of the partner sex

    If the size of the partner sex is larger than the females, then pain is very normal and this pain is quite intense. May be a bit like a period of pain. It is also a normal thing to have a breakthrough, cut and burn.

    Remedies: First, talk to your partner, it is very important to discuss the issue. Prolong the Four Play. As the tension of the woman increases, the more sexually transmitted genitalia will be stretched. As a result, the sex will be easy enough. On the other hand, changing the positions on the other hand is beneficial in this case. Choose the position where the control of sex is in the hands of the woman. There is no chance of injury. If you get pain, take a hot gulp or take a shower with hot water. Have enough rest. You can enjoy painkillers on the advice of the doctor.

    3. Fierce frenzy

    Vaginaa can be hurt very quickly or if you get excited fast. It may be too much for a lot of time. In these cases, fractures are more likely to get hurt. If you have sex with sex then this happens.

    Remedies: Use lubricants in abundance, there is no chance of injury. After getting hurt, hold a thin cloth with ice and keep it clutched. After a while. You can wash with cold water. Do not enter ice within the genitals.

    4. Condom friction

    In the friction of the condom, it is very common to get hurt, lax, and cut into genital herpes. Women can not enjoy sex in these cases.

    Remedy: Change the condom bands or choose any other birth control. Using lots of lubricants can also result in fruit.

    5. Infection

    If there is any kind of genital infection, it is very normal to get pain during sex. This is due to an infection caused by common est infarction or bacterial infection.

    Remedy: Get the doctor's advice and keep him healthy in the right treatment. Always keep genitalia clean. Take care of yourself

    If you experience any problem in genital mutilation, then do not keep it off. Talk to your partner, consult a doctor. Sex is a matter of enjoying both men and women together. It will never be enjoyable if one gets hurt.

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