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    Homeopathy remedies for diabetes treatment

    Homeopathy remedies for diabetes treatment

    Homeopathy remedies for diabetes treatment
    Diabetes is a disease, no one can say exactly how this disease was born. However, the history of diabetes is of old time. Diabetes is the first to be found, in 1862, a pyramid of the ancient Egyptian city of Thebes, discovered a disease report in the paralysis of the 1550 BC parasite tree. In the first case of this disease, there is a mention of diverse diseases. The concept of diabetes in ununional medical methods discovered by ancient Greeks Hippocrates It was then called zia beted, which means the emotions are sweet.

    ★ What is Diabetes?
    Millions of millions of jobs are going on every billion billion cells in our body. Power to get this work done smoothly. Carbohydrate is the largest supplier of energy. These include rice, pulses, potatoes, vegetables, wheat flour etc. At the end of complex reaction, these are made into simple molecules that can be taken into our body cells. This simple molecule is glucose. Glucose molecules receive body cells and produce energy through chemical reactions. This energy keeps the body active.

    But if the cell enters a glucose, a hormone takes. Its name is insulin. There is a channel in our body that glucose enters the body. The channel is closed by default. We can compare the whole thing as follows:

    Suppose, a room in the house is a celestial body. And the door to the house is Insulin Access Channel. Usually, we lock the doors of the house for safety, so that the glucose channel is locked, ie closed. Like keys to open the lock, the key is to open the glucose channel. The name of this key is insulin. Without insulin, glucose can not penetrate cells. As a result, energy will not be produced in the cells. If he does not get the energy of the cell, then he can not do his job properly. However, there is an endless glucose supply in the blood. But the cells have to stay idle. Increased levels of glucose in the blood increases the duration of urine and urine.

    This overall condition is known as diabetes mellitus or short-term diabetes. The name of this disease is called diarrhea.

    There is another similar type of disease called the Diabetes Incipidus, where the patient has urine repeatedly. But the diabetes that is known around us is known as diabetes mellitus.)

    Normal healthy people have a mole glucose of 5.6 to 6.1 ml per lit in the blood. It increased after two hours of feeding. However, it increases to 7.8 ml per liter. On the other hand, if diabetes is infected, the glucose above 7.0 ml of blood per liter blood is present in the body. After two hours of eating it increases upwards of 11.1 ml per liter.

    ★ insulin supply

    Deodenam is the name of the body that we have after digestion in digestion. The English 'C' is closely related to a gland with the shape of Dudenem, its name is Pancreas or Pancreas. The gland is six inches tall, weighing 60-100 grams. It also has intravenous and exterior glands. That is, the pancreas both dried up both hormones and enzymes. Insulin is injected from the cellular cell of this inner cell.

    ★ Types:

    We again go back to the previous example. Suppose you have a lock in your house. Now imagine, in some cases you can not enter the house?

    First of all, if you do not have a key. And secondly, if the lock does not work even if you have a key. That's the problem, is not it?

    The same thing happens in our body too. In some people the insulin production decreases in the body. As a result, there is a lack of insulin. And that's why each cell does not get the necessary insulin and glucose can not penetrate inside them. The problem is solved by supplying insulin in some way to them. That is, due to the lack of insulin all the cases of these patients occur in the body. So this is called insulin dependent diabetes mellitus or insulin dependent diabetes. It is also called type-1 diabetes mellitus or first-class diabetes.

    Secondly, there are some issues when the insulin receptor (Receptor) that interacts with the cell's insulin loses its sensitivity to insulin. The attraction towards insulin decreases. As a result, the insulin receptor is not tied to insulin. Glucose can not penetrate cells too. They have enough insulin in their body. It is such that you can not open the door despite the key. Because the lock does not work. These types of diabetes are called Insulin Independent Diabetes Mellitus or Insulin Non-Dependent Diabetes. These are called Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus.

    Besides, there may be diabetes for some more reasons. Maternal diabetes is especially important among them. It is called in English, Gestational Diabetes Mellitus. Pregnant women need more insulin than normal requirement. Because insulin is involved in many other things in the human body. Now if the maternity is unable to produce enough insulin, then the glucose in the body naturally increases. Pregnant women also develop some hormones from placenta which is responsible for maternal diabetes. These women do not have diabetes after delivery and diabetes.

    There may also be genetic reasons for diabetes. People with autism or cleniflant syndrome are more likely to suffer from diabetes. Along with pancreatic problems, diabetes can occur; For example: if there is pancreatic cancer or infection, then diabetes can occur. Diabetes can also be caused by hormonal problems. Cushing syndrome or acromagalis, which are caused by the hormones released from thyroid glands, have an effect on diabetics. Some medicines may also cause diabetes. For example, glucocorticoids, thiazides, or phanetine drugs may have a role due to diabetes. Citro-Meglalo-Virus, Congenital Rubella Virus or Cox's Virus Infections Affect Diabetes
    Risk Factor
    It has been examined that some of the factors affect diabetes.

    1. Those who have a mother or father or relatives of blood related relatives have diabetes.
    2. Those who have a lot of body weight and who do not have physical work around.
    3. Those who have high blood pressure and excessive cholesterol.
    4. Those who used steroid medicines for a long time.

    ★ Diabetes symptoms:
    The problem that most patients suffer from diabetes is urination repeatedly. As a result, the fluid decreases in the body and water gets more thirst. On the other hand, 'cellular starvation' condition is created in people with diabetes. As a result, the body gave the message as hunger to the brain. Due to this, patients suffering from diabetes are hungry. Despite losing plenty of their weight, their weight decreased. Always surrounded fatigue. It does not want to dry easily when there is a wound anywhere. The attack of various dermatitis increased. Slowly reducing sexual ability Diabetes sufferers

    ★ Diabetic patient complications
    Patients suffering from diabetes are suffering from kidney and kidneys in the final stage may be ineffective. Their eyesight decreases. Slowly the nervous system is infected and the touch capacity decreases. Blood flow can be prevented in a variety of ways including heart attack, stroke in the brain, and even gangrene on the legs.

    Every year in the United States, 200,000 people die in diabetes. An estimated 71 million people in Bangladesh are infected with diabetes. Experts believe that in 2040 this number will be increased to 18.3 million.

    ★ Diabetes patient remedies
    Disciplined life is essential for diabetes patients. Food will continue to be controlled. Exercising with it is very important. As a result, blood circulation is done well and insulin efficiency increases. If you live properly, it is possible to control diabetes. However, type-2 diabetes patients use insulin injection in medicine and in the field.

    ★ Resistance
    For diabetic patients, weight is very important. If weight is high, then it is necessary to reduce diet and exercise. Sugar and sweet foods should be omitted. Fennel foods should be added to the diet. It is best to follow a diet chart. If a person is taking insulin or other medicines regularly, then the food will be eaten regularly. Because its reaction can be fatal if you eat food at any given meal.

    It is possible to control diabetes while living a healthy and systematic life. Currently diabetes has become a horrible shape. It is therefore necessary to spread awareness among all. Because consciousness can keep us away from this horror.

    ★ Homoeopathic treatment: The patient is treated without the disease. For this reason, if the homeopathy of an experienced homeopathic medicine is available in the last treatment of the patient by selecting the full signs of the patient, it is possible to treat Homio in the mercy of God.

    ★ Homeopathy: Experiments that can come on the symptoms of primary medicines, such as Aboruma August, Sefalanda Indica, Szijiyam, Acid Foss, Arsenic Bromide, Acid Lactic, Uranium Nights, Nux Role, Acid Acetic, Calcera Phosas, etc. If you use medicine without the doctor itself, the disease can reach a more complex shape.

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