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    How to raise your child's talent?

    How to raise your child's talent?

    Child power
    As a parent, you surely want that your child do something great in school. But have you ever wondered how your child will reach that goal, that is the rule but you never think. Just think, putting the front of the book in front of most of the time, the juniara will do good results. But in such a way it is not possible to reach any goal. Because as long as the child's brain power grows, he will remain as an average. Then the way? This article discusses a domestic way, which brings great power to the power of the brain. It is the first duty of every parents to keep the mind of the child in mind from the very beginning. That's why the process of increasing the energy of Junior's Brain started using this domestic method from today.

    Materials that need:

    1. Egg yolk - 2 tablespoons 2 Oatmeal-4 spoon 3 Dark Chocolate Powder - This domestic method comes in great way to increase the power of 1 glass bell. But this medicine will be eaten every day. Only then will it work well. In context, do not feed this meal to kids under 3 years old.

    In egg yolk, there are many components, including Vitamin-E, Minerales, which provide nutrition to the brains. As a result, the overall brain power increases. On the other hand, oatmeal contains fiber and antioxidant, which increases the performance of the child. Increasing the power of bren cells is also accompanied by this. And what is the use of dark chocolate? It contains anti-oxidants, which keeps the body as well as the brain. Not only that, dark chocolate plays an important role in making the food delicious.

    How to make this domestic medicine?

    1. Soak the amount of oats in hot water for a while. When you see that the oats are soft then take it out of the water. 2. Mix egg yolk and dark chocolate with oats. Mixing ingredients well 3. Feeding the meal with the baby for 3 months of breakfast, you will get great results.

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