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    If you do, your skin will be deadly.

    If you do, your skin will be deadly.

    We want to be beautiful, but what should I do to keep the skin safe? Many do not do it. In the thought of keeping the skin beautiful, we forget the skin's safety. On the contrary, our beauty and health are broken twice. So today BD is giving you in the kitchen that your skin will be at risk of serious risk. Know that there are a few things that risk your skin. Previously seen eggs in the immediate strength of the body - know when to eat, how to eat?

    1) Use the Unknown Facial Pill-Off Mask

    Pill-off masks are those that can be pulled out of the mouth after drying. Some pills off masks you can use easily. These are made for home use. But many people have been buying Ruppancharana products online. They might have bought a pill-off mask that sounds like a bit more powerful and only used in parlor. Their packets usually have "In-office-Strength" chemical pills written on their body. It also has the potential to burn your skin.

    2) Do not create sunscreen manually

    Make yourself a lot like making such a lot, making such a makeup, DIY, etc. But do not forget to create sunscreen in this way. Many people want to get ready for commercially made sunscreen, in the fear of chemicals. But to create itself, you have to use Zinc Oxide and it is not very safe at all. It is safe to buy these instead of making the house because of buying it. And if you do not want to use sunscreen, you can use sunglasses, long sleeved clothes, wide edge hats, etc.

    3) Do not use multiple new converting products

    By using the same product, it removes the skin. But if you start using more than one new product, your skin will suffer from discomfort and maybe an allergic reaction may occur. In that case, you will not realize that allergic reaction has occurred due to any product. Do not use more than one new product skin every day.

    4) Do not use any products extra

    If a little cream becomes a week, it can be reduced to a lesser amount of time. Or if you use scrubber, you can go away in one day. Though such a thought is strange, many people think that using the product more quickly will make the skin look good soon. Many people skip the skin while doing this. If you do the work that will burn the skin very quickly. So, please use your Beauty Products.

    5) Wrong use of glasses

    Glasses are such things that a very big time of day stays on our face. For this reason it is very important to keep the glasses clean, or the glasses in the glasses are affected by the skin. It is important to keep the part sitting on the nose in particular. Also, eyes are not bad but taking glasses - it's bad for the skin. If you try to look at the eyes, then the eye can appear on the skin around your eyes. If you need glasses, then use it

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