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    If you have allergies in the way of eating, then do it

    If you have allergies in the way of eating, then do it

    Food Allergies
    Allergic references to some substances located in the environment, due to the immune system or immunosuppression system, some situations arise due to the fact that most people do not usually create a problem. These conditions are called allergic diseases together. Among them, hei fever, food allergy, atopic dermatitis, allergic asthma are notable.

    Each person has an allergy to food. Playing someone's milk stomach gets worse. Somebody's purple face itch. Somebody again thripe the root of the chickpea. They say food allergies or food allergies. It is wrong to believe that if allergy is to be eliminated purely brinjal, shrimp or beef. Because one type of food is allergic to food.

    Children are more likely to have allergic milk. This is called lactose intolation. There is a problem with the lactose-type of milk that has a problem with digestion.

    Barley, corn, oats, flour etc. have gluten food, and many have allergic reactions in gluten. Besides, patients with sylak disease can not eat gluten.

    Many people have allergies in the egg. Eating part of the egg is affected by many people, eyes may become red, itching may cause skin irritation. It is better not to give eggs to very young children.

    Allergy is more in marine fish, shrimp, hilsa, squid etc. Not everyone is prohibited from eating shrimp or hilsa. Those who eat these foods will only exclude them.

    Nuts and seeds:
    Nuts and seeds are also allergic to many foods. These are also vegetarian food. So, more on the immune system.

    How to understand allergies?
    If you eat the same type of food, itch your skin and mouth, itching, rash, reading water with nose, red eyes, dry cough, stomachache or pain, diarrhea etc. But you have allergies in that food. Many times breathing difficulties, chest pain may start from very severe allergies. Generally family has allergic history.

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    What to do:
    The easiest way is to avoid the food. It is easy at home, but this material may be hidden in many foods or restaurants. Antihistamines can eat if problems arise. If the person suffers, it is better to find a doctor.

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