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    Lives of the woman's breast vision; Saying the research

    Lives of the woman's breast vision; Saying the research

    Research by a group of German researchers says that women's breast-feeding can play a role in increasing the life expectancy of men.

    According to a research report published in the New England Journal of Medicine, at least 10 minutes a day, if women look at their nipples, the life expectancy of men will increase to five years. Because the 30-minute waiting period is equal to the workout. Researchers run this study on about 200 men for five years.

    100 men participating in the study were asked to look at women's nipples. The rest is done on the opposite side of the work. It has been found that the people who were asked to look at the breast, their blood pressure is very low, the heart is much more active and healthy.

    The researchers further demand that, if regular women look for a few minutes, the possibility of a stroke or a heart attack is reduced considerably.

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