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    Methi and curry leaves will prevent hair fall !!

    Methi and curry leaves will prevent hair fall !!

    He smiled hair and looked at the comb! All the hair came out! The common name of a hair fall is a problem. Both men and women are suffering from this problem. Many fear of hair fall, hair dyeing, straightening, and hair style stopping. Does the hair fall off even after all? Not at all. It is possible to reduce the hair fall problem with two available elements. How? Know the way.

    - A cup of fenugreek

    - One handy curry leaf

    How to create:

    1. Soak the fenugreek half a cup of water all night. Next day in the morning, make it a paste.

    2. Curry leaves to dry and dry. Mix one teaspoon curry leaf powder with a paste of methi.

    3. Apply this pack to the palm of the head and the hair properly.

    4. Put the pack for one hour in the hair.

    5. Then hair conditioner by hair shampoo.

    6. If you have a hair dandruff problem, then mix some drops of lemon juice with this pack.

    Curry leaves have many important nutrients which increase hair growth. It contains antioxidants and amino acids that prevent hair fall. Curitiba Beta carotene and protein help to thicken thin hair.

    The material on the fencing strengthens the hair. The contents of the fenugreek removes the itchy fungus of the palm of the head. Use this pack twice a week to get good results.

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