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    Sitting on the ground is so much benefit of the body!

    Sitting on the ground is so much benefit of the body!

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    Benefits of eating on the ground
    If you are sitting on the ground, you can honor yourself, so those who are sitting on the dining table who have lunch and dinner are more likely to do their own harm than good.

    Because many studies have found that eating saturated food in a table-chair is perfect, but there is no harm to the body. Rather, the risk of getting infected with various diseases increased. On the other hand, sitting on the ground with a baby is more beneficial. The body is also free from diseases. According to Boldsky's report, the benefits of eating down the soil are highlighted.

    Performance of heart increases:
    While sitting on the knee, the blood flow increased in the upper part of the body. As a result, the performance of the heart begins to increase. It also decreases with some type of heart disease.

    Blood circulation improves throughout the body:
    To keep our body healthy, it is important to reach the oxygen-rich blood in every organ. As much as this happens, the incidence of the disease will decrease. In addition the body will be fully revived. And as discussed earlier, while maintaining a baby, the blood circulation of pure oxygen-rich blood increases throughout the body.

    Stress level decreases:
    Even though there is a strange feeling, many studies have shown that when sitting on the ground for hours and hours, changes in the body and the brain are changing, which can reduce the strain of strain hormone. As a result, mental depression is reduced, as well as the level of strokes decreases.

    There are multiple seats when sitting on the ground:
    While sitting on the ground, we have unknowingly offered more than one seat, such as happiness, swastikasana or siddhasana. As a result of eating stomachs on the ground, both the body and the brain become proliferated from inside.

    The body is strong:
    The habit of eating Thai, heel and knees increases the performance of sitting on the ground. Along with that, muscles, muscles, shoulders and chest flexibility also increase. As a result of overall increase in mobility of the body as well as many diseases are also avoided.

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    Improve digestibility:
    Playing with Babu improves the digestibility of digestion. So those who have bad digestion or who often suffer from gas problems should not be eaten in the table chair. Instead of sitting on the ground, you should eat and drink. Actually, when we were sitting in bed, we never got to lean before eating, so I sat up straight. Doing this repeatedly increases the digestive digestive juice strain of digestive tract. As a result, the process of digestion is very good. It is not the end here, while sitting on the ground, pressure on the lower part of our spinal cord, and then the stress level decreases and the whole body gets swollen.

    Life expectancy increases:
    Sitting on the ground increases the body's fluidity. At the same time, there is a decrease in the risk of loss or damage to the body. In 2012, a study published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology said that those who stand on the ground without any support can stand upright, increasing flexibility in their bodies as well as increasing the ability of multiple organs, thereby increasing their normal life. And those who can not do this, their life span is reduced greatly. In context, this study was done in the 51-80 year olds.

    Pain decreased:
    In some studies, while sitting on the ground we sat in the Padma Basement. Thus, the performance of the back, palvice and floor abdominal muscles increases due to sitting. At the same time, the performance of the whole body increases so much that it does not take time to slow down all kinds of pain.

    What is sitting in a baby?
    Being sitting in a chair is sitting in the seat, that is, putting two knees on two knees and bringing them to the lap.
    Health care

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