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    The first 3 months of pregnancy during pregnancy

    The first 3 months of pregnancy during pregnancy

    Try hard to follow everything carefully for the child's well-being. Also contact regular doctor. Stay broiler, do not get excited, do not worry and do not be afraid. The biggest thing is to keep your mind. If you are good your child will also be good.

    Although not quite understood, but the first three months of pregnancy seem to be very witch near any mother. The news of the arrival of new life makes the new mother's life shine. Not only for the mother, this time is also considered as important for the child. So awareness needs to be done. Since childhood is the first stage, so mother must be much more careful. But I can not be cautious because, in many cases the mothers do not understand what is going on or what may be. Many do not have the right knowledge about their physical condition, knowing what might be good or bad for the child. So this first stage of pregnancy can be very harmful for many people, if they are not properly cared for. This is our arrangement of everything from the condition of the first stage of childbirth. First of all, know whether you are pregnant or not. Nowadays, a pregannery kit is available to buy. You can check with it. About 95 percent of these tests are considered correct. But if you want 100 percent to be sure, you can check the ultrasound by consulting the doctor. Now, let's know about the next steps.

    Once you are sure to check it carefully then move on. Stay away from alcohol, caffeine, smoking, whether it is directly or indirectly. Because at this time children do the most harm to these things from anything else.
    Since you are pregnant, you must always follow the doctor's advice. At the very least, select a doctor. Remember some things before choosing a doctor. For example, whether it is possible to contact the doctor anytime, whether it is available for any needs. Keep track of distance as well. As you are pregnant so you can not move much during this time. Because it can be harmful for the child. So be aware that the doctor can be reached in a short time.
    There are several hormonal changes in the body due to the pregnancy. As a result, nausea, dizziness, not being able to eat, body can be bad. But not all of them have to pass through these situations, but many mothers sometimes have no symptoms. Do not be afraid of anything that happens, but do not be afraid of it. If excessive vomiting can rise in the morning and drink lemon water. Read more about lying on top of the head. If you take a rest for a while, it will be fine.
    Also, due to the hormonal changes, the change in the size of the nipples starts slowly. That is why breasts will be painful and their breasts become soft. Do not be afraid if that happens. Keep in mind that this change is important for your child.
    Some physical changes also occur due to childbirth. Since the child is kept in the uterus and the cervical position is on the pub of the pub, so with the increase of the child, the uterus has some pressure on the pub of the pub. This will increase the amount of piss. This problem is very strong in the first 3 months and the last 3 months.
    Many pregnant women can also have blood pressure problems. Someone's blood pressure can increase, others may or may decrease. Sugar problem can also be encountered with the problem of sugar. So after the conception of the child, after the doctor's suggestion, it will be examined to see if pregnancy is normal or not. If there is a problem, you should be in regular checkup.
    Chest pain and constipation can be many mothers. Intrauterine women take more time to digest and stomach than other women, because it takes a little more time to receive nutrition from pregnant baby foods. But this is the reason for the pregnant woman, because of the difficulties. As a result, pregnant women may be suffering from constipation and chest pain. Do not get frightened If needed, you can take any medicines on the doctor's advice.
    After knowing that a pregnant woman has conceived, she feels all sorts of feelings of joy, anxiety, cheerful and tired etc. Adapting so much to one and the other is also a big thing. Many people can not cope properly with the new situation. As a result of the mood swing of the victim. It may also cause anger or worse due to various "hormonal changes". If something like this is going to avoid excessive tension. Because more tension is not good for a fetus.
    Be patient with your partner. Remember that as you are a mother, he is also a father. If you see any mistake, help him without being angry with him, and do not forget to tell him anything you feel bad about.
    Keep in mind that what you are doing is "Pregnancy Safe". Do not be too heavy to do any work. Keep in mind that the first three months should be very cautious as the absence of absence is the highest in these three months. Do not eat food that will be bad for the child. Along with papaya, pineapple, raw or semi-boiled proteins such as fish, meat and eggs should be avoided. Protein well

    Eat only after cooking. Along with that, you will avoid molten cheeses or this Khartaba. The first 3 months are hard to eat, do not want to eat anything, thinking about the baby will try to eat as much healthier as possible.
    According to the doctor's advice, if you have any medicines, eat it. Even if there is gas problem or headaches or fever, do not go to the doctor without the advice of the doctor. This may cause damage to the child.
    Increase sleep time. Try to sleep for 8 to 10 hours a day. You can also take a light break through the daytime work.
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    Remember that the child is valuable to everyone. Everyone will want to give birth to a healthy child. So, try hard to adhere to everything for the child's well-being. Also contact regular doctor. Stay broiler, do not get excited, do not worry and do not be afraid. The biggest thing is to keep your mind. If you are good your child will also be good.

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