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    The food that is eaten

    The food that is eaten

    The food that is eaten hair!
    By the age of 20 or 25, head hair is getting white. Head hair can be white for several reasons. Genetic reason may be, or vitamin deficiency may be a major cause. Hair can also be eaten due to smoking. But there are also some foods that may make the hair white. Below are the names of a few foods that will not cover your hair for at least 50 years if you avoid it-

    1) Sugar and salt-
    Sugar or any food that contains excessive sugar such as soft drinks and junk food can be cooked in the hair before it is matured. Vitamin E decreases in the body by eating sugar. Vitamin E is the most important vitamin that controls the hair growth. Instead of synthetic sweets, natural sugar is found in various fruits, vegetables and sweet potatoes, but it is very beneficial for the body. In order to maintain normal body fluids, salt is very important. But it plays a lot of impact on the body.

    2) Monosodium Glutamate-
    Generally we know the sugar which is used in processed foods to increase the taste. Sometimes playing a small amount does not cause much damage. But if it is eaten regularly, it will be seen in a few days. Hair was white before the age of the boy. So avoid avoided processed foods that will not only reduce your weight but also keep the hair black for a long time.

    3) Animal protein-
    Even if you eat too much meat, fish or eggs but your hair may be grayed out in the near future. Our digestive system can not digest many kinds of antimal protein, which results in uric acid. Hair loss is due to excess uric acid production in the body. So try to eat the right amount of meat or fish.

    4) Foods with color and sugar-
    These types of food are so lucrative to see that what they can do to damage our body. In addition to the many losses of the body, the hair will become white before the age of the play. So think about the next time you eat a velvet cake or pestry.

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