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    The procedure for cleansing the color is only in 5 days

    The procedure for cleansing the color is only in 5 days

    All of us do not have the effort to make the color darker. And Why Not? Everyday sunlight is destroyed due to the burning rain, the beauty of the skin is going to be lost, the normal color of the skin. Today, it is natural to make skin color white, but there are some ways that you can resort to sitting at home.

    Do not go to the parlor, do not have expensive cosmetic surgery. Many beauty tritments spend on skin poultry or fair polish in beauty parlor, without knowing it is a very harmful act. Because not everything is perfect on everyone's skin, many may have side effects. On the other hand, it is not safe to make melanin surgery but to make the color bright. Then the way? The way is to adopt domestic methods. Today, 5 great fashions of naturally reducing skin color Some of these uses will show your skin a different beauty. No, do not be melodious overnight milk. But the color of the skin will be up to a few shades, which is much better than any fairness cream. The beauty of your skin will emerge. Along with acne and other skin problems will be removed. Only two weeks will see the difference!

    The procedure for color whitening-

    Pour the pulse of lentil and refine it. in between
    Mix the egg yolks in the egg. Dry this paste in the sun. Once you are completely frozen, keep powdered and filled with dew. Before bedtime, prepare 2 teaspoons of lemon juice with 1 teaspoon milk and this powder mixed with paste. Wash the face after half an hour. After washing your mouth, take a little cotton and put it in the mouth. Wash for more than 20 minutes to wash.


    Bake or powdered sesame seeds Mix this mixture with a little water and make a good paste. Scratch this Apply a white colored fluid after the filter, put it in the face, especially in the sun-burning place. Wash thoroughly after half an hour. You will get back the color of the skin soon.


    To make the color of skin even more complex, talk to the face. Those whose skin is dry, they mix honey and yogurt. Keep the minute bake in the mouth, then wash it. It should be done at least three days a week.


    To make oily skin brighten up, make melodic soil, smashed Padmapapri and nimapata bata and rice powder mixed with Facebook. Put on face and neck. Wash after 20 minutes. After washing, put raw milk in the mouth for more than half an hour.


    Make a FacePak by mixing potato juice and raw milk. Day with the powder of sandalwood. Keep this mixture in the mouth twice a day for 20 minutes. Quick color will be bright. There is no problem even if you do not have sandal. Choose one of these methods. And follow. If you use any pack other than number 5, raw milk twice a day

    Keep your face covered. Wash after 20 minutes. This will work quickly. Share with everyone. Stay active with post, comment and share on the post.

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