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    6 food in the home of sleep problems

    6 food in the home of sleep problems

    Sleep problems today is nothing new. Sometimes, under emotional pressure, or by sleeping in technology, people go to sleep in far away countries. Sleep is no longer found in the country. The phone, tab, and computer rule by getting rid of the phone in the night if the defeat is defeated. Psychological problems do not leave the place in place. Many sleep regularly and sleep regularly for sleeping. However, without eating some sleeping medicines, some natural foods will be eaten up and down. Take a look at the names of those foods.

    Hot milk: Both Ayurveda and science acknowledge that friends with a glass of warm warm milk are sleepy. Milk contains triptophan, amino acids which are converted into serotonin. Which creates a comfortable feeling in the brain. Sleeping To get good results, you can mix very little nutmeg powder, cardamom powder and cashew nut powder with milk.

    Oats: Oats can not only reduce weight, but can also rely on it for sleep. To make the dish delicious and more sleepy, mix honey. According to the doctors, oats fibers tend to relax muscles. As a result, the sleep comes soon.

    Wood nut: Wood nuts or grinds help in dark sleeping. Like milk, Triptophan, which provides comfortable feeling in the brain and nerves. On the other hand, the magnesium contained in it keeps our heart healthy. Keeps the rhythm of the heartbeat

    Cherry: Cheryl is melatonin, which is also drip from the brain's pineal gland. This is how we control the physical cycle of sleep and wakefulness. If there is not enough melatonin, then it will not sleep. It also helps to reduce mental fatigue. So before sleeping, I will sleep a lot, and the body will remain neat.

    Dark Chocolate: Increases the amount of chocolate fat. But dark chocolate? Fat does not grow, it is also one of the best sleeping foods. As it is serotonin, it relaxes the brain and the mind. However, it is not wise to eat arbitrary dark chocolate. Before sleeping for better sleep, Khan was two or three pieces of dark chocolate.

    Camomile tea: Before the scent of perfume, before sleeping, the worries of insomnia will be overcome. According to the doctors, it acts as light absorbent substance. Flavonoid in it, the epigenine affects the brain and sleeps. As a herbal tea, the demand for this tea is also high in the world.

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