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    Frequent waist pain? For that reason,

    Frequent waist pain? For that reason, Janenin

    Frequent back pain, waist pain? If you have this problem, then consult your doctor very quickly. You may be suffering from osteoporosis at Osteoporosis is a special disease of the bone. Women are more affected than men. But it is possible to prevent the disease if you have symptoms beforehand. It is important to be cautious when this disease is attacked. Know the ways and means to prevent osteoporosis.
    Osteoporosis that can be seen by the signs
    Osteoporosis harmlessly. So it is difficult to understand signs from the beginning. But always stay alert. If there is pain in back pain, consult a doctor quickly if you have muscle pain.
    It should be cautious when there is a toothache or an abnormally low weight within a short time. Especially if you have a change in form of spinal cord or do not delay if you have pain, consult a doctor.

    Among those who are more at risk of osteoporosis
    1) Those who are over 40 are more likely to have osteoporosis. Especially after women menopause, the estrogen hormone is less exposed to the body. The result is that the bones become weak. Then the chances of getting this disease increased.
    2) If there is a disease in the family, especially the mother, then this disease is likely to be children. Those who go out less in the sun may also get sick.
    3) Women's body bones of lean and low elevation are mostly weak. The result is likely to be osteoporosis.
    4) Those who take caffeine or alcohol may be suffering from this disease. Because, caffeine and alcohol reduce calcium from the body. The result is that the bones become weak.
    What to do
    1. If you have pain in the feet, hip bone or spinal cord, then consult the doctor quickly without neglecting it.
    2) Do not leave a little pain.
    3) Regularly consult Vitamin D and calcium with doctor's advice.
    4) Perform regular body exercises.
    5) Put plenty of greens, fruits, pulses, milk and milk in the food list.

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