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    Want to eliminate the smell of mouth?

    Want to eliminate the smell of mouth?

    Facial wellness, beautiful teeth, and self-confidence smile, all depends on the smell of breathless breath. To eliminate facial stains, you can:

    • To brush teeth twice daily
    • Flushing will be done once
    • Baking soda removes bacteria and baking soda with paste in one day a week
    Brush with
    • Drink enough water
    • If the amount of water on the body decreases, it may be bad smell
    • Keep vitamin C-rich fruit in the food list
    • Eat foods made from red rice
    • Red tea with green tea, ginger-cloves, is available on a regular basis
    • To clean the tongue while brushing teeth
    • Eat tamarind leaves, mint leaves or parsley leaves. Will remove the bad odor
    • Push with mouthwash
    • Cigarette, tobacco and all types of drugs should be avoided.

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