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    What to do to avoid stroke

    What to do to avoid stroke

    The raining of the sunshine again and again the dark sunshine. People are getting affected by various diseases due to such anomalies in the weather. Not only cold but fever, people used to change weather and current lifestyle are being stroked by stroke. For which the trashy weather is very responsible. But the doctors are also finger-pointing towards irregular and uncontrolled living conditions with the weather. Modern medical science says that changes in lifestyle are more important than drugs to prevent stroke. If there are some domestic rules that can reduce the chances of stroke a lot can be reduced.

    To prevent stroke, it is very important to keep the weight, especially in the bowel control. Many people face rubbish but their ankle comes after an age. He must be careful in that direction. The emphasis on gym, physical exercise and balanced diet is today. Avoid oil-spicy foods.

    For those who are 50, heavy body, 140-90 of them are normal. If it is too much, consult a doctor. If there is a problem with diabetes, blood pressure, obesity, then follow the rules of medicine.

    Water meter measuring Lots of water is harmful, so little water is not about work. Depending on the physical structure and the disease, how much water will eat. Ask the doctor if you can not understand the account.

    Walk around. Keep an eye out for half an hour in the day. And it must definitely be sweaty. Not on slow feet. Alcohol or smoking will not work at all. Keep in mind that low quantity of alcohol or cigarettes also damages the body in Indian weather.

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